A Clean Slate for Home Interiors

There is something grounding about cleaning and clearing out, particularly at the start of a New Year. But the truth is, maintaining that fresh-start feeling can be a drag. Most of us are too lazy, I mean busy (!), for consistently cleaning to a perfect finish. We are, aren't we?! If it’s not easy to reach, or seven things need moving out of the way first, whatever it is can frankly stay dirty a bit longer.

Interior Designers have sometimes been known to moan disappointedly when courtesy-calling on recently completed projects, to find that their clients haven’t looked after the new space at all.  

There are many ways of making cleaning and tidying more appealing of course, like using real feather dusters; lovely smelling eco products, or even thrifty and nostalgically charming lemon, bicarb and vinegar; wearing fun gloves and aprons; and lighting scented candles to spread calm throughout the house.

But when the allure of a well dressed bed, freshly plumped sofa or hotel-style folded loo roll is not enough to motivate, its time to call on the pros. Recently I discovered Clean Bees, a housekeeping company that’s right up my street, as they take care of all those extra styling details as standard and use naturally fragrant products. Wellbeing and supporting a healthy and happy lifestyle are at the core of their business, and they even help with decluttering to avoid clients having to live the ‘clean up for the cleaner’ cliche. Living in chaos sure does dampen a mood, so show your home some love, maybe as a New Year Resolution, and reap the rewards from pinching these ideas. If you run of out steam by the end of the month, there’s always Plan Bee*.