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Zoë unwittingly started her interior design career as a teenager by secretly redecorating rooms in her parents’ house while they were away for a weekend, and recalls regularly repositioning her bedroom furniture, long past bedtime. Having worked on a variety of film and theatre sets, Zoë is accustomed to creating other people's world around; finding their taste and expressing it in their surroundings. Graduating in Theatre Design from Wimbledon School of Art, Zoë was as a Set & Costume Designer and Art Director for a decade before switching to interiors. Career highlights include measuring a Dalek for toy manufacturers, making thousands of carnival costumes, commissioning a two metre long sausage to make convincing entrails for BBC's Torchwood, and carrying a Grandfather Clock down a cliff for filming on a beach. Favourite moment: creating a distressed living room set for a trilogy of Samuel Beckett plays at Chapter Arts Centre. 

An accomplished scenic painter with an innate sense of colour, Zoë started life in the interiors industry as a hands on decorator, and Visual Merchandiser for Habitat Cardiff, giving her a unique blend of transferable skills and experience perfect for both residential and commercial interiors. Zoe Hewett Interiors: Stylemongers of Bristol was shortlisted as a finalist in the interiors category of the inaugural Bristol Life Awards in 2017.

Click to view her portfolio from the weird and wonderful world of theatre & film interiors.


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