"We really really love your ideas, particularly the colour choices" - S. Gallard, Cardiff


“Zoë took my brief and came up with a very individual look which I love. Zoë clearly knows her job well and made it easy to work with her. I will use Zoë again.” - C. Purnell, Bath


"The decorators are now in and the house should be finished in the next couple of weeks. We’ve really made the most of your report. We’re so pleased with it so far and there isn’t even any paint on the walls yet! With the new furniture it feels a lot bigger. Just a couple of soft furnishings still to get but it’s going to be amazing!” - I. Rabey, Bristol


“My two bedroom apartment in Bristol just wasn’t achieving its potential in terms of rental value.  I knew the furniture in the flat was an eclectic mix of periods and styles; the wallpaper wasn’t quite appealing to everyone; and the re-paint I had done a few years ago didn’t really impress – in fact, the colours I chose just added to the confusion so I am really pleased that I came across Zoë Hewett’s website.   Zoë’s bronze, silver and gold proposition meant that I could choose a solution that met my needs as well as my budget.   I opted for the bronze service and Zoë created a stylish look based on replacing the wallpaper in the lounge and repainting the rest of the flat using three greys.  These colours flow through the flat creating a calming and harmonised feel to the place and which although are far more contemporary than I would have picked, works extremely well with the Georgian features.  The simplicity of the new wallpaper has added a sophistication to the lounge that we could never have achieved. The lounge is large and Zoë cleverly zoned it between seating and dining, Gone is the tired and varied mix of furniture and the transformation is stunning. Zoë also chose new ceiling and table lights for the rooms and without doubt it is the lighting which has added the wow factor to the flat particularly in the lounge and bedrooms.  

As part of the brief, Zoë also advised on the furniture and surprisingly the items I thought would be dropped were in fact retained and became part of the overall transformation (I was actually pleased because these were the large ticket items which would have been expensive to replace).   We followed Zoë’s guidance to the letter and replaced the large pine kitchen table and chairs with a fabulous white round table and two grey chairs – this simple swap has meant that the kitchen has suddenly opened-up and looks spacious and modern.  We love the overall look Zoë has achieved and perhaps most importantly we have realised our objective of achieving a higher rental.”  

L. Simmons, Bristol 


"We were really pleased with your ideas and have been excitedly planning putting them into practice!" 

E. Hall, Bristol


"As a self-employed scriptwriter, I craved a space that I could use to shut myself away in - a den that would feel inspiring, yet cosy. I was intrigued by Zoë's background in theatre design and hoped she would translate my half-formed ideas of what I thought I wanted into a reality. I was bowled over when I saw the mood-boards she had created for me. We'd had an initial interview and I'd described the kind of things I like - a mishmash of 50s style, rustic, Autumnal: even a quotation from The Wind In The Willows. From these ramblings, Zoë produced a symphony of bold colours and quiet corners, unearthing patterns and furnishings I would never have found myself. I chose the Gold service package, which enabled me to sit back and enjoy the transformation while Zoë's fantastically creative team got on with the hard work. This included a new floor, making shelving units, wallpapering and painting, plus updating a tired plain blue kitchenette with pleasing tones of soft purple and cream, including a very attractive extractor-fan. And I never thought I would get excited by an extractor-fan. The finished result features the comfiest chair I have ever sat on and upcycled lamp stands, but the piéce de resistance is a desk that looks like a cross between an old school desk and a step-ladder. It suggests that sitting there could be fun, not a chore. Which is half the battle!
I heartily recommend Zoë Hewett Interiors for anyone who feels their surroundings aren't wholly delightful. She will bring the joy.

 C. Johnson, Bristol


"We were delighted with Zoë’s work at Furniture Direct. There was an immediate rise in footfall around the areas which had been refurbished, and customers spent longer in them. Many were inspired to make decisions for their own homes, based on what they saw."

Mr Hassan, Furniture Direct


"I had been unable to make a decision, and didn’t have the time to research it properly. Zoë introduced blue to the bedroom, which I would never have thought of – and it worked a treat!" 

M Davies, Cardiff.